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Meet Charlie the cat!

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Early August 2022, I am contemplating hard on my old desire to own a cat. Although I already have the permit from my landlord to have a pet at my apartment, it is not a light commitment to make. I never own a cat directly, only the one that belongs to my uncle back when I was a child. Thankfully my wife is an expert cat owner and is also keen to have cats at home.
Another thing to consider is that when we are looking for new apartment to move to (and we did plan for that in the future), our choice would be limited. If you ever know someone living in Munich, the struggle to find a flat is a common topics that will make both of you bond to each other :). Not only the prices are the highest in Germany, the competition is fierce!

Long story short, I happened to find Charlie, a Siberian red cat advertised on Ebay-Kleinazeigen (a localised Ebay). I hesitated and discussed for 1-2 days with my wife, until on the third day, I contacted the advertiser to arrange for a visit to know him more. The lady owner seems so in rush in selling him and only gave a day to pick him up.I rushed after the work to Fressnapf to buy a pet carrier, the food, and the cat toilet. I travelled for 40 minutes by the metro. and bus to meet him for the first time.

My first impression of Charlie is that he is very big and quiet but kind towards me. It looks bigger in real life than on the photos, maybe this is how a normal 8 months Siberian cat, weighed at 4.4kg? So, after several minutes Q&A, we signed up the purchase contract as a standard procedure to make it official.

I will bring Charlie to the vet for check-up in few weeks.

Welcome to your new home Charlie!

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